Melinda loved you.

I was in love with her once.

I didn't understand anything.


You've spoiled everything.

Get up at sunrise and marry young!

She has even more books.

You shouldn't let your girlfriend borrow your iPhone.

He makes me feel special.

Who's complaining?

Strange as it is, the story is true.

I heard you talking to Ilya.

I thought that if we lined up benches in the garden as well, we could achieve quite a seating capacity.


You're not hiding anything, are you?

I didn't know how.

I'd better go home.


This is disgusting.


It is difficult for me to answer the question.

How come I didn't lock the door?

The ship lowered its gangway after docking.

Luckily, I was able to get the tickets yesterday.

Do you want to end up like him?


This house is to let.

Let me fix us a couple of drinks first.

Without the United States, the world will end. It will be invaded by little green men who would spread terror and chaos, and it will be the end of civilization. Was there any civilization before the birth of the United States? Of course no.

Winston left his office in a hurry.

What surprised you the most?

I made an appointment with destiny and then forgot it. I wonder if he's waiting for me?

They were trampled by the crowd.

Kanthan plays tennis three times a week.

It'll be crowded everywhere.


Thank you so much for remembering.

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Did Dawson tell you that you had to do that?

Do you have anything to remove stains?

I don't want to be related to you!

The spruce returns.

Is my new hair style funny?

We heard the speech to the end.

Should I make a cream pie or a pound cake?

The cold is terrible this year.

I thought you were in your room.


Denis should've finished at least an hour ago.

I can't find Gordon. I've looked everywhere.

Now hurry up and write your goddamn paper!

You are a child of the same cosmos that created Plato, Buddha and Confucius.

This gentleman is an acquaintance of mine.


From now on, they can do whatever they like.

The cat looked intensively at him with her big, round, blue eyes.

"I am not afraid," she said firmly, "and I will ask the angel to have mercy on you."

He had to work as hard as he could to finish it in time.

We must give it a coat of varnish.

Timo didn't stop smoking, so Hohn left the room.

That law took effect today.

I thought Pedro might need some time off.

Kenn visited Boston.

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What sort of things do you do on weekends?

Her inheritance gave her a purse adequate to satisfy all her needs and wants.

Andrew has never talked about it.


Great work, girls.

Are they going to fight?

We have absolute proof that smoking is bad for your health.


No one lets me have fun anymore.


Cole said he'd never been there before.

I will come tomorrow without fail.

On the table he saw a slice of bread lying, and, being hungry, he ate it before going to sleep.

Sam didn't know why Barrio needed to borrow thirty dollars.

I hate that guy.

Leslie knows where Rudy is staying.

Roberto obviously knows what to do.

He emphasized the importance of peace.

One of Jesus' disciples was named Paul.


I want to know who that is.

Which planet are you from?

Charlotte, what's this language?

I learned to drive a car when I was eighteen and got a driver's license.

Do you think it's impossible to finish this by five o'clock?

He was a ladies' man.

I'll be waiting for the answer.

She suddenly lost consciousness.

We're not sure Russ is coming.


Men form a society.

Please remember that.

The political leaders of Europe come together to try to save the euro, and with it the very project of European Union.

Duncan walked silently through the forest.

Time to go beddy-byes, dear.

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On my honour!

The Chinese government issued a white paper entitled "Diaoyu Islands are China's inherent territory" on the 25th.

I believe we can do business together.

Those findings match my own observations.

I want a divorce.

Don't tell anyone I'm here.

Y'all children are nutheads.

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Your dreams have come true.

You can't both be right.

I don't mind the attention.

There will be a big earthquake in the future.

That seems silly.

I'm pretty sure that's not why Gerard did it.

Roman could not stop looking at the picture of Sleeping Beauty that Kriton had drawn.

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That's the fact that avalanches occur after mountain fires.

Just relax a minute.

Many of the inhabitants of this region are fishermen.

Twice two is four.

That was pretty big.

I advise you to listen to them.

She is the cutest girl.

Moore was reading an old manuscript.

Not only cooks carry long knives.

In Harbin, many people invite me to their homes to have dinner.

Liyuan said he'd meet us in the lobby at 2:30.

Sharon is mowing his front lawn.

I agree with Ramsey's comments.

I've already told Romain what he needs to do.

When he heard it, he jumped.

Since when do you listen to my phone calls?

I will drink for you in spirit.

Why doesn't he smile at me anymore?

I'll need to download it.

Srinivasan bought a sweater for thirty dollars.

George will be thirsty.

Can you ask him to come in?

Let him use my dressing room.

Sidney made some toys for his grandson.

I had a fantastic vacation!

She thinks about her next trip.

Our company's agent in Rio will meet you at the airport.

The best way for adjusting the gap between the internal and the external price and securing economic growth is to promote the non-manufacturing industry's productivity by aggressive investing in facilities.

The houses caught fire one after another.

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This place depresses me.

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How many rooms do you have?

Dan invited Linda for a very specific reason.

Have you ever heard this word?

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Jesper was prescribed a type of anabolic steroid by his doctor.

Sridharan isn't going to make it.

Is your wife at home?


He persecuted people for their religion.

I like your family.

Dan encouraged Linda to report the rape.

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Idle hands are the devil's playthings.

Italo Calvino was born in 1923 in Cuba.

It's our duty.

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We aren't being much help to Vicky.


They all say that.

I bet Mongo forgot.

There's a lovely park in the centre of the town.

I will teach you how to play chess.

You can sing a song.


We didn't get dressed.

Please refer to page ten.

Jason now has several tattoos.

I gave Allan some money.

The birds twitter cheerfully.


They're having a break at the moment.

Maybe Jussi made a good deal.

My grandpa is sick.

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I shall give this dance a miss.

I'm trying to solve the problem.

We can't just leave them.

It's for her.

At the market, the farmer is selling his farmer's bread.

We may as well start at once.

Marci is often mistaken for his brother.

Tanya is the person I was talking about.

I see you've been shopping again.

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I like you as a friend.


It is not characteristic of you to say such a thing to her.

We refused to accept Juergen's resignation.

The man grinned widely and stood up. He then paid the bill and emptied his glass of beer in one gulp.

My older brother borrowed money from a loan shark.

She paid a visit to Laurie's house.